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Parts of the Teeth – simply explained

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Teeth are very similar to trees - only part of them can be seen, with the roots buried underneath. The roots of your teeth grow into your gums and further into your jawbone. Enamel or crown The outer layer of your teeth (crown or enamel) is made of hard crystal. Dentine The next layer is… Read More

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Why Best Auckland Dentist

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We have many patients from other dental practices with problems that need attending to or need follow-up treatment for any number of reasons. If you belong to another dental practice and need to see us now, you are welcome... What many people are not aware of is all of our dental treatments are guaranteed. That… Read More

Free Gum Check Special

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SPECIAL FREE GUM CHECK Throughout this month, get your FREE gum check at our surgery. Please contact the surgery to book an appointment and mention you’ve seen our special. PLEASE NOTE: This gum check does not include x-rays or treatment that maybe required. To keep teeth and gums clean and healthy: brush and floss daily… Read More

Tooth Extraction With Sedation

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Having a tooth extraction can be a scary event. Don't get yourself worked up... we'll make sure that with sedation, the tooth removal process will be painless. We've had many patients absolutely petrified of dentists. I promise you that once the treatment starts, you'll be coming round and amazed that the treatment has been done… Read More

Dentists In Auckland City

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Auckland Dentists concerns are to keep your teeth and gums healthy at all times. Regular teeth cleaning by a dentist is important and can save on costly bills later. Many patients visit dentists when there is an emergency and we believe regular checkups from a dentist will save on unnecessary anxiety. Why is it important… Read More

Family Dentist In Auckland City

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Our Ponsonby Dentist Clinic is located in the Ponsonby Whitecross Building 202 Ponsonby Rd Ponsonby Auckland. Our vision is to improve the quality of your teeth on an ongoing basis. We want you to have a healthy smile. Our accurate records keep you up-to-date at all times and we monitor even the minute changes that… Read More

Oral And Dental Health Advice

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Auckland Emergency Dentist - updates with the latest news on teeth and dental care in the 21st Century… Read More