Why Best Auckland Dentist

We have many patients from other dental practices with problems that need attending to or need follow-up treatment for any number of reasons. If you belong to another dental practice and need to see us now, you are welcome…

What many people are not aware of is all of our dental treatments are guaranteed.

That means there are no extra costs to you if you need to return for any reason, unless your treatment is part of several appointments. However we will let you know up-front what your costs will be at all times, but as mentioned we don’t charge extra if you need to return.

What’s important is fixing any problems you have NOW and improving the quality of your teeth at a reasonable price. Naturally our aim is to provide topnotch painless dentistry for our regular patients as well as non-regular patients. Our high-tech equipment, guaranteed services and extended hours practice is what distinguishes us from other dental surgeries. We’re open 7 days 364 days of the year.

Join our VIP Club, which is free membership, and receive discounts on dental treatments, plus monthly promotions.

Have a think about setting up in advance, a dental payment plan where you can drip-feed small amounts of money weekly or monthly into your special account. Then when it’s time to visit us, it wont be a financial burden. Call our office to set-up your dental payment plan today

Auckland City Dentist – Ph: 376 9222

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