Tooth Extraction With Sedation

Having a tooth extraction can be a scary event.
Don’t get yourself worked up… we’ll make sure that with sedation, the tooth removal process will be painless.

We’ve had many patients absolutely petrified of dentists. I promise you that once the treatment starts, you’ll be coming round and amazed that the treatment has been done.

We are experienced at painless dentistry. Whether you’re having teeth extracted, or fillings, or maybe fillings and teeth extracted – we’ll be as gentle as possible. We don’t want you to feel any stress at all.

We’ll even let you know what you can and can’t do after your treatment.

To summarise

  • We have sedation for tooth extraction
  • We have sedation for fillings
  • We have sedation for any dental service at our practice.
  • We are gentle and don’t want you to experience any pain

Do give our dental practice a call to book an appointment (09) 376 9222

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